President's Message June 2022
June 2022
June is the Rotary Fellowship month, and as a club we have tried to maintain some form of normality during the difficult past two years. Club meetings have resumed and we have had good attendances at our fellowship evenings. On Saturday the 23rd July we will celebrate our Rotary Club Presidents from the last three years and see the Installation of our new President for Rotary Year 118.
However once again there is the challenge to our club sustainability, entering into a new Rotary year we do not have a President Elect for Rotary Year 118 and therefore no President for Rotary Year 119.
With new members joining our club further down the line the options of this Presidential role may improve, however this does not solve the current situation.
As we stand at the moment none of our existing board members want to be considered for this appointment, and as per Rotary International rules a PE has to serve on the board for a period of 1 year, therefore a potential PE will have to sit on our board from the 1st July 2022.
The club is therefore inviting nominations for this important club position, and be elected to our board in one of the following positions:
PE/President   -   Vacant
Vice President   -   Michel Zuber
Secretary   -   Martin Harrison
Treasurer   -   Albert Labermeier
Sergeant at Arms   -   Nominated - David Range
In addition, there are a number of appointed positions as follows
Administration chair   -   Nominated  -  Billy Popham
Fundraising Chair   -  Michel Zuber
Service Projects Chair   -   Napa Keawtem
Foundation Chair   -   Michael Kehnscherper
Youth Services   -   Benjamas Uamsa-Ard
Inter Club Relationships   -   Alan Brown
Executive Secretary   -   Rick Lunstrum 
As per an earlier message we have created two advisory roles to our club PP Brian Anderson and Charter president Alan Cooper.
We are also nominating Vice Chairs for each of the positions above.
All our members are invited to apply or nominate a member for any of the above positions before the next board meeting to be held on Tuesday June 21st, and be prepared to serve on the board from July 1st 2022.
Under the constitution of Rotary International every club has to have a President, therefore without this role do we have a club?
Yours in Rotary
Phil Lawrence
President 2021/22 and 2023/24.