President's Message January 2019
January 2019
Dear fellow Rotarians,
I hope you had an exceptional time with your family and loved ones during the Christmas holiday.
New Year Greetings to all of you, and as one year ends and a new one begins, thank you all for your contributions last year. The new year is the new beginning of new ventures and new projects. Let's continue to see the successes we did last year. We have many more projects lined up for 2020 and I am certain with your dedication we will be able to complete these. I thank you all for your support.
January is Rotary Vocational Service Month, and as mentioned before we have been involved in the Pimali Project in the Northeastern part of Thailand, although it's not our own we can be very proud of our involvement.
This year we are also supporting a candidate from Stamford International University for the Vocational Training Team (VTT). A VTT offers a hands-on approach to vocational service, where groups of professionals travel either to learn more about their particular vocation, or to teach local professionals about a particular field. A VTT helps create sustainable change by strengthening the knowledge and skills of individuals and communities, thereby improving their capacity to serve. In addition to experiencing a new culture and fostering global connections.
This year our candidate will be travelling to the United States and Canada; candidates participating in the VTT will have the opportunity to make an impact long after their travels end. We will keep you informed of this project.
Happy New Year 2020.
Kind regards
Napa Keawtem
President 2019-21