President's Message August 2019
August 2019
Dear Fellow Rotarians
As we celebrate Membership Month this August, as a member of
Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin, you not only play an important role in inspiring current members, but also in attracting new ones.
Finding a new member can be as simple as inviting someone you know to your next meeting, to the Fellowship evening, to other Rotary functions or join the project activities. To be a member of the Rotary family is to be a part of diverse, worldwide team whose members providing services to humanity.
This membership month, I want you to remember that you are helping build a team that can strengthen your local community and make the world a better place to live.
When you join a Rotary club, you are connected with the world that’s because you are joining a network of over 1.2 million people who take action- volunteers from all over the world who share a goal of improving others quality of life.  In fact, the top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities. But simply joining isn’t going to change lives or make those connections. That happens when you get involved.
Membership in a Rotary club offers you opportunities to connect with other professionals who spending time with your club members, whether to attend a meeting, plan project, exchange ideas or just have fun can lead to lifelong friendship. When you get involved and make connections you will gain meaningful experiences.
Unfortunately, these past couple of months we have a member who moved back to her homeland and the other is too busy to continue as our member. I would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to them and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to welcoming our three new members, hopefully many more to come in the future.
Our biggest event of the year’ The Golf Tournament at Banyan ‘is approaching I encourage all of our members to help the members of our Fundraising Committee. Thank you all.
Napa Keawtem
President 2019-20