Nongkhon School
September 2018  Brain Based Leaning Playground Nongknon School – 341,300.00 THB.
The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin supported and paid for a new Brain Based Learning (BBL) playground at Nongkhon School.  The ground was previously very hazardous and had been neglected for a long time, being dangerous for children to go near. 
Following a visit to the school earlier in the year t was decided to help improve the facility for the good of the students and to add a ‘Monkey Library’.
There is strong research that supports the connection between brain development and children having the opportunity to participate in recess during their school day. One example is how children develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as their dexterity and balance all through exploring and risk-taking and having fun on the playground. Games using balls help children develop anticipation and prediction skills. Figuring out which way will the ball roll or bounce relies on a child having many experiences with different shaped, sized and textured balls.
Children have to climb up to the library, hence its name and once there have the opportunity to read what is available. 
November 2018 – Presentation of books for the Monkey Library
A complete supply of reading books was provided by RCRHH for the new Monkey Library at the school.