Generator for Shelter
February 2019 – Generator for Animal Shelter  29,000.00 THB
RCRHH donated a much needed Generator to a huge Dog Shelter near the Pranburi Dam. Most people in Pranburi City know Buddhist Nun Nid due to her many years of helping sick dogs and cats in the area.
The Nun has been through many hardships to continue to help dogs & cats, which included being told to leave her temple with the animals.  Currently she lives close to Pranburi Dam on rented farm land where she has slowly built up a very simple house and big pens for her animals, roughly 130 dogs and 70 cats that need constant care. 
The land has no running water or electricity; it is far away from other people as Nun felt it would be safer to keep her animals away from prying eyes and complaints and of course she is also helping make Hua Hin a safer place by removing stray animals that might otherwise cause harm.