Eye Camp
May 2019  -  Eye Camp 160,000 THB.
Following an offer made by Rtn David Troxell of RC Jamestown of 5,000 USD for our stand-alone Eye Camp project, as well as to doctor Jessy at The Prince hospital in Bangkok who will provide mobile eyes test unit and help with possible other future projects, the RCRHH agreed to match the offer with 160,000 THB.  A great project which is intended to help future generations and is based on the fact that we only meet very few children here wearing spectacles. That is evident when we meet the children in their schools, on the streets or in the mall. Therefore there must be children in the public schools with undetected refractive errors, which mean they cannot clearly see what is written on the blackboard or in the text books.  By providing spectacles to the children with undetected refractive errors, we help them achieve their potential and remove the barrier of their human progress.