Posted by Martin Harrison
President Brian was approached by some friends whose children attend the Nong Hoi School and Wang Phong in Baan Nong Hoi between Khao Tao and Pranburi, P Brian approached the board of Directors of Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin (RCRHH) to make a small project of purchasing 30 footballs to enable 50 children from the school to attend football coaching each evening of the week.
P Brian being from the USA admitted he knew little about soccer the American term for football and undertook research on google as to the size, shape, colour and texture of the soccer ball, eventually meeting with President Elect Phil being British and the home of football a decision was made and 30 footballs were purchased at a cost of 5,450 Thai Baht.
The Nong Hoi and Wang Phong Schools have three football teams two junior with ages seven to nine and one senior team with ages from eleven to fourteen.
On Wednesday 24th February P Brian and members of RCRHH proudly handed over the 30 footballs to the school’s football coaches, teachers and the football teams.
This is not the first time the RCRHH has helped this school, back in 2012 the late project Chair Linlek Haskarn supported the school by renovating the school canteen which is still looking good today.
Rotarian Michael Rutzen spoke with some of the teachers during the event, who informed him that many of the children come from low-income homes, many of whom cannot afford basic school materials such as pens, pencils and school books.
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