Posted by Martin Harrison on Sep 03, 2019
The Anuban Hua Hin School Ban Nongkhon is only around 10 kilometers from central Hua Hin however that proximity has its disadvantages.It turns out that their location falls just outside the Hua Hin Municipality ‘funding zone.’ 
What that means is they are in the same funding pool as all the government schools in all of Thailand’s 77 Provinces and that means securing funding is tough, very tough.
Thankfully in recent years a very proactive school support group has been seeking sponsorship and the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin (RCRHH) has developed a close relationship with the school.
In 2016 RCRHH provided financial support to build six toilets for the school three each for girls and boys.  In 2018 work started on building a Brain Based Learning playground to replace the old one which was in a state of disrepair. The new playground is now encouraging children to learn using their skills in balance, dexterity, strength and coordination to help develop their fine and gross motor skills whilst having fun. The project was completed and handed over to the school in September 2018.  A second part of the project was a monkey library with books purchased to the value of THB 16,000 now being read by the children. These were officially handed over in November 2018. 
The original school is 62 years old and the facilities are no longer deemed suitable for modern learning and are prone to flooding in the rainy season and so the School Directors proposed to build a new school with three floors and 15 classrooms.  The projected cost of the project was THB 10 million, and planned over nine phases.  Construction is now at phase six, with the last three  phases to be completed by the end of 2019.
Currently facilities at the school are limited with the old building being demolished and materials used to make temporary classrooms, with the dining room being utilised to teach children, which is not conducive to modern learning styles.  
As the current student population of nearly 400 is expected to increase 16% in the coming years therefore the timely completion of the project is vital. 
The school initially raised THB 3.5 million which left a shortfall of THB 6.5 million.  The RCRHH entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the school stating that if the school managed to raise a further THB 5.5 million, the RCRHH would pledge THB 1 million to the project.
That funding is now complete and on Monday 2nd September a cheque for THB 1 million was handed over to the Commissionaire of Education at the school Mr. Theetawut Suksripapat by the President of RCRHH Napa Keawtem.
The RCRHH and the school would like to thank all of our sponsors, local businesses and golfers for their support of the Annual Amateur Golf Classic held at Banyan Golf Club. Rotarian Lizzy Ginsel was also able to hand over an additional 6,000 THB from anonymous Bangkok donors.  This is the support that enables Rotary to support local and national community projects. 
The support for the Anuban Hua Hin School Ban Nongkhon from the Rotary Club Royal Hua Hin does not end with this donation the relationship with the school will hopefully continue for many years to come.
As part of the MOU that was signed with the school today the school would provide one classroom that will be used as a Rotary Education Centre where subjects such as English, Physics and Biology would be taught to enhance the level of teaching students.   In 2020 the classroom will be fitted out to support sustainable learning in terms of technology such as computers, smart board and data projectors and of course support materials such as books and other items.
Over the remaining months of 2019 the Board of Directors and the Education committee will look at the most effective way to deliver the learning, to whom and how it will be funded.
Thanks to David Watson Editor Royal Coast Review for contributing to this Article.
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