The Mercy house foundation was established 27 years ago in Pranburi Prachuap Khiri khan.
The foundation has always had a maximum of 25 children from ages ranging from 6 years upwards. They currently have 18 girls housed in two dormitories and 7 boys located in one dormitory.
Once the children graduate from School, they then leave the orphanage and new children are then taken under in. All the children are local whose parents have either died, or single parents.
The foundation is currently funded by Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Sweden to name a few, also local donations from people in Bangkok. Although since the initial visit in February and following the outbreak of Covid-19 funding has been very limited and the number of children has dropped to 24 with no new plans to take in any more children in the near future.
Following a visit by P Napa and Secretary Phil with the Mercy House manager Wichai Rongkhunkaew (Two), she was asked if she had a wish list what would she like the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin do to support the Mercy House Foundation. Quite simply she asked that as they were redecorating the boy’s dormitory could we purchase new lockers for that dormitory.
This project was badly interrupted by Covid 19 where it was difficult to procure lockers for the project, one company had the lockers required, however they would not deliver from Bangkok to Pranburi. The new lockers were delivered in July this year.
One of the young ladies at Mercy house nicknamed “Night” (as she was born at night), and during the Covid-19 developed her artiste skills and presented Sec Phil with one of her paintings for the RCRHH.
Both the boys and girls are not idle when not at school or doing their homework and use their spare time being creative making handy-crafts which are then sold to visiting tourists, which helps to raise funds to support the Foundation. However, with the lockdown and little tourism in the Thailand at the moment this source of funding has also been significantly reduced. Some example of the goods the children make are shown below. If anyone is interested in purchasing these items contact Secretary Phil.
The children also make gift and greetings cards and later this year the girls will start to make greetings cards for Christmas. When this happens Two will send me samples which may be an opportunity for Rotary Club members to purchase home made festive greeting cards.
Some more pictures are below and CLICK HERE for more pictures of Mercy House